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Ocular Illusions Hair Replacement
For men, hair replacements can give you a more youthful look. For women, hair replacements can enhance your unique beauty. Skilled technicians who help your hair look beautiful again.
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Hair Replacements and Weaves, Learn More About Our Products

Hair loss and balding can be remedied easily with our hair replacement products.All of our clients have special needs. Thinning hair, complete or partial hair loss, chemical damage caused over processing; all be easily remedied with our special hair replacement and hair weaving services.

Our Services

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We have a section just for Hair Replacements and a section just for Weaves, Fusions, and Extensions for your convenience.

Our Hair Replacement and Weave Services
Cranial Prosthesis Vacuum Fit Prosthesis
Hair Integration Hair Extensions
Hair Alterations Hair Weaving
Fusion Hot and Cold Strand by Strand

Hair Replacement Product Information

We have included information that you will find helpful as you review what choices you may want to consider to for your hair replacement product. Our licensed cosmetologist, Eva Moore, is available to offer professional advice for your personal needs.

Cranial Prosthesis

A Cranial Hair Prosthesis is a hair system designed specifically for those experiencing hair loss due to a medical condition. Hair loss caused by chemotherapy or Alopecia Areata may be among the causes.

The prosthesis contains a combination of fabrics and compounds that are used to re-create the appearance of hair growth patterns and the look of the scalp.

The materials used in fabricating the Cranial Prosthesis are treated to resist dirt, oil, and body acids all while providing a comfortable fit.

A Cranial Prosthesis is different from a department store wig in appearance, quality, performance, and service. Our Cranial Prosthesis is adjustable to fit each person's size and can be custom cut and styled.

At Ocular Illusions Hair Replacement and Weaves, our technicians have specialized training in how to clean, cut and style cranial prosthesis products.

You may be able to receive reimbursement from your insurance company for the purchase of your Cranial Prosthesis depending on your medical condition.

Those suffering from Alopecia Areata may be able to qualify for a special grant from the Ascot Fund to help with their expenses based on income level.

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Vacuum Fit Prosthesis

A Vacuum Fit Prothesis can be made from several different materials: fiberglass, silicon, or combinations of co-polymer.

They are available in both hard shell design and soft base design. A mold of the head is made to assure a precise fit.

The precise measurement allows for many options such as size, color, and materials to be selected. Because of its overall versatility, there are many styling alternatives for this prosthesis.

The prosthesis is secured with specialized tapes or liquid medical adhesive for comfort and security. Your new hair will have a truly natural, look, feel, and movement.

Hair Alterations

A Hair Alteration Prosthesis is a capless design, using hand-crafted crocheted polyester cable, ventilated with 1 to 3 strands of hair to actually give the illusion that the hair is growing out of the scalp.

This design is very comfortable as well as light and airy. It is the perfect solutions for thinning hair, short hair, and an excellent solution for bald spots.

Pre-designed or custom alterations may be ordered depending on your budget and time frame required.

Hair Integration

Hair Integration can add fullness and volume to thinning hair just where you need it.Hair integration blends an individual's own hair with a special Integration System to create added fullness, volume or length.

Hair Integration products are a great choice for men or women with thinning hair or hair loss while wanting to make the most of their natural hair. They are light-weight, comfortable, and natural-looking.

The system is placed on your head and your own hair is brushed through the openings in the base; thereby combining the hair integration with your natural growing hair.

Ocular Illusions offer pre-design and custom designed options for Hair Integration Systems.

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Hand-Tied, Machine Made, or Pre-Designed Hair Replacement; Which Is Best For Your Budget

The more custom the fit, the more expensive the product. We have a variety of constructions and can certainly recommend one for your budget.

How do the products vary? We have three options in construction for hair replacement products. Obviously the more custom the more expensive, but also the more natural in appearance. Read below for the differences in each product level.

  • Full Custom Prothesis
  • Hand-Tied Pre-Designed Prosthesis
  • Machine-Made Prosthesis

Full Custom

Our full custom prosthesis has a durable, comfortable cap with 3 to 5 strands of hair per knot. The knots are tied very closely together. A custom mold of the client's head is made to duplicate the shape and contour for a precise and comfortable fit.

These systems allow for many options including size, color, and materials which can be altered to fit a specific need.

Due to the custom nature of this product, limitless styling options are available. This is our most natural looking prosthesis option.

Hand-Tied Pre-Designed

Our hand-tied pre-designed prosthesis has a durable, comfortable cap with 3 to 5 strands of hair per knot. The knots are tied very closely together. The style of the hair is more controlled and less bulky. this creates the natural look of hair and provides for a better and more comfortable fit.

Its construction allows for a variety of styles and the choice of colors offers a more blended appearance for a more natural look.


Our machine-made prosthesis is a cap constructed of smooth elastic wefting or woven material. The hair is sewn on to the cap. This type of prosthesis is a natural enhancement for clients with their existing hair; even if it is thin, fine or has patchy areas.

The cap stretches to fit your head comfortable. With this cost effective prosthesis, there are limitations in quality.

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Weaves, Fusions, and Extensions Information

Lovely extensions can really add to your personal and unique beauty.We have included helpful information for you in this section on weaves, fusions, and extensions. There are several processes, but all add fullness, volume, and can add length if you choose.


Hair weaving utilizes a track of hair all on one base. The base is sewn or glued onto your existing hair. Several of these tracks are utilized to create a full look.

Weaves are used to add length, fullness, or highlights to your existing hair. They can last more than three months and move and feel just like your natural hair.

Weaves are wonderful for creating a new image, camouflaging chemically damaged hair, or allowing you to transition in to a new hair style or length beautifully.


Hair extensions are defined as any external hair-bearing device added to existing hair or scalp to add to the fullness of the hair.

Hair extensions are attached in several ways to existing hair through: weaves, fusion, bonding, cabling, micro link, beading, braiding.

They can be attached to the skin by adhesives, two-sided tape, and bonding hard or soft.

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Hot Fusion Strand by Strand

Before Fusion tratment.Our most popular procedure to add strength, volume, body, and length is Hot Fusion. We use the Advanced Megahair Hair Extension System, Hot Fusion Process, utilizing 100% quality human hair.

Lovely hair after the Fusion process.The Megahair Extension System uses a thermal molding adhesive with the most advanced application process. This means you will get a long-lasting, non-damaging, comfortable attachment process.

Our Hot Fusions provide spectacular results; achieved by our attention to detail. We apply the stands one at a time to give you that unique and natural look.

The Hot Fusions at Ocular Illusions use the highest quality human hair products. We offer the most natural looking selections, with realistic choices of colors and textures that can be blended to match your hair perfectly.

Our 100% quality human hair extensions can be permed, relaxed, bleached, and colored in any style. Use them for a new look, to repair chemically damaged hair, to help you transition to a new look while your natural hair is growing; they look wonderfully natural. We specialize in giving you "Hollywood Hair"!

Cold Fusion Strand by Strand

Cold Fusion process the gentlest available.Use Cold Fusion to thicken or lengthen your hair with out risk. Our Cold Fusion treatment gives you the natural volume you want and is sport and weather proof. Now you can have the hair that you've dreamed of with our special patented Cold Fusion System.

The finished Cold Fusion process.  Natural-looking and comfortable.With our Cold Fusion process, we use no glue, heat or solvents to apply the natural looking hair strands to your own. Our Cold Fusions are comfortable to wear and are the most gentle method available to enhance your hair.

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Helpful Hints

• Consider purchasing two identical hair replacement products initially.

• This minimizes the personal stress and inconvenience when the prosthesis needs to be cleaned or serviced.

• The second hair piece can be purchased at a substantially reduced price when ordered at the same time as the original.

• Alternating hair pieces can add to the life of the product as overall wear is reduced.

Tell Me More

• Did you know that human hair extensions can be permed, relaxed, bleached, temporary or permanently colored just like your own natural hair?

• Your hair extensions or weaves can be shampooed in the shower. Just massage the scalp and shampoo from the scalp to the ends, using your fingers as a comb.

• Our extensions are designed to protect your hair from harsh glues and act just like your natural hair once in place. They create a very natural look!


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